Saturday, December 7, 2013

Early Sub Zero Temps


Look at Maya. Cold weather don't seemed to bother her. She's all perky and I'm about freezing. I'm just amazed how their body works. They can grow a nice thick coat of hair so quickly when it gets cold, and lose it just as fast when the weather warms up. Their body is protecting them from the elements all the time.
I feel so bad she has to be outside in this cold, but their bodies take care of them. She always feels warm, even in these sub zero temps. She does have a lean-to, so she's protected from the cold north winds. I don't like to put a blanket on her, in case she would get to warm and start losing her coat. I feel the best thing to do, though it's hard. Is let her take care of herself in these times. Still feel bad though :-(
She is a smart girl. She always goes under the lean-to when it rains or storms. hehe

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