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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Grosbeaks have returned!!!

There baaaack! I was wondering if they would be later with the snowy weather we've been having. Nope, their right on time.Yesterday morning their was one on our black sunflower feeder. Their one of my favorite birds to watch. Not to far off then for the orioles to be showing up. I have my orange and jelly feeders out, full and ready. Which were this morning covered with lots of snow. Their has been some birds eating, but haven't seen the oriole has of yet.
The Morning Doves have been here for a few weeks now. I'm sure they're not finding many bugs to eat with this cool temp going on. And as for seed to eat, it's all under the snow, so they have to do some digging. Just looks kind of weird seeing a morning dove digging in snow. I didn't get a picture of them this morning in the snow. :-(

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