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Saturday, August 16, 2014

What Kind of Birdhouse Should you get?

The primary reason to have colorful birdhouses is to attract different species of birds to your home and give them a place to nest and live in safety and comfort so that you can enjoy watching them. Approaching this from a broader perspective, when putting in birdhouses you should
also establish feeding and watering sites and schedules for your visiting birds.

·         Robins  Although robins prefer a nesting post, they will build nests in enclosed bird houses.

·         Wrens  Wrens prefer a smaller, boxy structure. They prefer having a single, small entry.

·         Martins The large, multi-room martin houses are some of the most beautiful bird houses made. Of a size to allow detail work, they can be quite fancy. Adding a colorful birdhouse, or more than one, to your yard can attract many birds that you didn’t count on. Wren houses, small and secure, also attract other small birds, but most of them won’t nest in a martin house because of the multiple openings. Of course, there is nothing stopping you from putting up multiple bird houses to attract different kinds of birds.

There are some general rules to follow when locating bird houses, though. Placement is an important consideration. You don’t want to have the bird house too close to the feeder since the feeder will not only attract other species of birds, it will also attract squirrels, cats and other predators. Placing bird houses near bushes or trees will give the inhabitants a place of refuge if they feel they are in danger.

You don’t want the entry of the bird house to face east or south. This will make the interior of the bird house too warm during the late morning and early afternoon. Mounting a bird house on a pole, as opposed to suspending it from a tree, can protect the nesting birds from climbing predators.

Cleanliness is important if you want to attract birds to your home year after year. Buying or building a birdhouse that can give you access to the interior at least once a year for cleaning will make it much simpler. Cleaning should be done every spring prior to the mated birds nesting and laying eggs. For your own health, wear a face mask and gloves while cleaning the bird house.

Keeping your bird baths and feeders clean and full of water and food will also help attract a variety of birds, and other small animals, to your yard. Depending on the season and location, you might have to refill bird baths a couple of times per day to ensure fresh water for visiting birds.

Colorful Outdoor Backyard Birdhouses

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