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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Bald Eagle In my Backyard

big bald eagle eating in back yard

O my lord! I could not believe what I was seeing this morning out in my backyard. First I thought it was a dog, so went to get a better look through my patio door. Then I realized after it brought it's head up that it was a Bald Eagle eating what looked like a rabbit. Some fur was flying around as he pulled on the meat. Did not see the kill, but we have lot's of rabbits around. At least it wasn't somebody's little puppy or cat. I just could not believe how Big it was. Never have seen one this close up. Only took it not even 5 minutes to eat off what it wanted. My second picture is a little blurry trying to zoom in with my camera. You can tell the size of it in the first picture taken from a distance. Wonder if he would be considered as big? Or do they get even bigger? That would be something I should read up on. Curious now.

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