Longmire TV Series Review

Longmire TV Series Review

Longmire is most certainly one of those shows that keeps you on the edge of your seat, waiting for just 'one more mystery!' I have never really liked shows that have a lot of superficial characters and thanks to Netflix, a certain void has finally been filled. Who would have thought a mature show would appeal to such a huge demographic and actually get a loyal audience for streaming? They have addressed a need that was ignored for a long time. The need for a show that is realistic, has wit and is different from all these TV series that we get to watch nowadays.

The storyline.
It is a captivating story about a sheriff called Walt Longmire (Robert Taylor) struggling to come to terms with the fact that his wife was murdered. At first the Absaroka county- Wyoming sheriff does not know the killer and spends most of his time brooding. His daughter Cady ( Cassidy Freeman) seems to be the one constantly bringing him back to reality, urging him to find a purpose again. Walt has a new female deputy Vic (Katee Sackhoff) and a good friend and confidant Henry Standing Bear (Lou Diamond Phillips)

The character of Walt absolutely fits the part. You may actually be tempted to think he really was born for such a role! He knows that some little mistakes here and there have to slide for the greater good of the town, but he is ruthless when it comes to bringing down those who stand in his way as he struggles to bring some sanity into this small town that is full of secrets. Of course there will be the mystery of a body buried occasionally and even the cops have some skeletons to hide...but the story does flow smoothly from one mystery to another while keeping to the core of the storyline.

The move to Netflix has however brought new changes to the show as opposed to when it was on A&E. The characters do not hide their profanities, with more harsh language being introduced. The bodies will make you flinch a little too, with more blood and the other gory details.

Longmire is really a show for those who are bored by these common soap operas, zombie movies and the likes, feeling the need for some real cops fighting crimes and solving a new mystery each week. 
Of course many were surprised when Netflix decided to revive the show after its 3 season run on A&E, but one thing is clear, these are the types of shows that trigger a loyal following. The fact that it embraces Western traditions makes it different or unique for that matter, ensuring that its viewers want to get lost in this fictitious county once in a while for some good old mystery solving.

The Small town Wyoming setting is very realistic too, which gives the show an authentic appearance. The creators have really paid attention to detail. Even the squeak in the not-so-new sheriff's SUV, the rough and dusty terrain, they all serve to transfer us to this old place! Well, those of us that can't get enough of some good old Western town mystery can happily say long live Longmire!


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