Signs Your Horse Has Become Attached To You

Signs Your Horse Has Become Attached To You

Horses are one of the popular pets in the world, and it is crystal clear to see when they love their owners. How? Definitely through affection! However, it is always not easy to tell if there is any affection or what your horse thinks of you. Therefore, in this article, we are going to share with you some pointers to look for that indicates horse affections towards you. Let’s find out!

  • Approaching you
If your horse comes towards you when you walk out into the pasture, it is not because they want some food, but it is because they recognize you, and that’s a way of showing affection. In addition, if the horse stops eating and come over to where you are, that is a sign that they value you more than their food.

  • Following you around
Horses are herd animals, and they hardly go anywhere without someone. If you watch your horse in the field, you will realize that there are some horses that he loves to hang out with the most. They will follow each other and stick together.
In the same way, you'll conclude what the horse thinks of you if he follows you around. If he has affection towards you, then he will consider you a buddy.

  • Follow your instructions
Horses are herd animals, and they will actually try to prove their dominant character. The next time you turn out a new horse into the pasture, watch; even those horses that have been following, will try to challenge the new one to establish dominance.

Horses are just like humans. They as well want to be the dominant creatures. They essentially do this to test you. It doesn’t matter if it’s disobeying you or if they’re trying to scare you. Basically, the horses that follow your terms will respect you. Don’t get me wrong! Although horses love to be the leaders, they as well love to be led. When they see you as their leader, there will be a closer bond between you two. They will never question your instructions; instead, they will obey willingly.

  • Being relaxed around you
If your horse loves to be around you, then there is no doubt that he likes and trusts you. Actually, there are many horses that I’ve met. They started out being aggressive and jumpy to ride or be around. It took me some time and patience for them to trust me and to understand that they could relax around me.

  • Turning head and ear towards you
Literally, a horse that is attached to you and pays attention to you will watch your moves. They will wait to see what you’ll command them to do next. When grooming your horse, tie him up, and walk away for a moment. You’ll realize that his head and ears will follow our movement even if you don’t give him direct attention. This shows your horse is focused on you, and that’s how they should be to their owner.

The above are some of the affection signs that indicate your horse is getting attached to you. If it does what we have discussed, then he really is your best friend.

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