Horse Senses That All Horses Possess

Horse Senses That All Horses Possess

If you own a horse, it's probably YOU wonder how a horse behaves sometimes. Well, it's not all about behavior when handling horses, you should also know what senses horses possess.

Amazing senses that horses possess:

Horses have two eyes just like humans, but they don't see everything we see. That's why you see horses spooking at bushes when you ride, they see something scary in there. They also get scared by those plastic bags because they guess it's being shaken in the wind by that something in the bushes. Horses get scared easily, so it is wise to spook-proof them during their training.

Horse Vision Chart

Just like human beings, horses have two ears. They can hear various types of sounds. A horse can hear the sound of a slithering snake in the grass, a barking dog from afar and also a sound of a grain bucket when brought to their yard. One thing different about horse hearing is that they don't hear sounds like: "WHOA," "DARNIT," " STOP THAT" etc. The design of their hearing does not listen to owners voice unless maybe accompanied by a treat.

Horses possess two nostrils for smelling. Their scent is strong such that they can smell mold growth in their hay. They also have a special way they smell their leader and pasture mates.

Horses tongue has many taste buds just like human beings. They can taste various types of flavors such as peppermint, carrot, rosemary, sage and even bananas. One delicate flavor they love is the flavor of bute, and you could never hide it from them.

A horse can know when you schedule a vet visit. Upon arriving you will find him on the far end of the corral. At breakfast time, your horse will be waiting patiently for you at the gate. These creatures are remarkable.

Horses can feel anything that touches their body. Like a fly landing on their back and that itchy cinch that must be rubbed on the trees along the trail, or getting a massage from a therapist or falling rain. However, there are some things that they don't feel. Like stepping on your foot accidentally.

You will notice that a horse will try to fly out from underneath you immediately if he sees a crossing snake.

A horse will not take it for granted when things don't go their way. Ensure that you always favor them with anything done around them.

This one is amazing. Horses make something's disappear! For example, you put a fly mask over them, free them, and you will probably not see that mask again. It's a belief that you can lose your money while around them.

Before any major change in weather conditions, you can predict how crisp and cool the weather will be by the times a horse will roll and thrash on the ground, they say.

Carefully watching your horses, you will learn a lot about them and how they react to people, and their surroundings, is much connected to their senses.

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