Top 5 Reasons Horses Make Great Companions And Friends

Top 5 Reasons Horses Make Great Companions And Friends

Why get a horse as a companion? Most people only look at the expenses that come with owning a horse, but there are so many reasons to keep a horse as an all time friend. Not only are horses beautiful and intelligent creatures, they play a big role in shaping their companion's future. Be it good company, friendship or for sport, you will find that a horse is a great friend to have around. Some keep them ridden, non-ridden or simply as pets. Well, we have compiled a list of practical and genuine reasons that show the great benefits of having an equine as a companion.

1. They keep us fit.
Having a horse is always a good excuse to go outside and get active! Horse riding is a fun activity that keeps both you and the animal fit, so if you are the type that skips gym sessions because they seem like a boring routine you are in for a treat! Whether you are tacking, untacking, brushing your horse's mane, cleaning out the stables or simply hauling hay stacks across the barn, you will always have something to keep you busy and well out of trouble!

2. A horse teaches you responsibility.
The animal depends on you for its food, hygiene and exercise, so as a responsible horse owner you would naturally want to be sufficient. Instead of overly spending our money and time on things that do not matter, we try to see how our equine friend will fit into the picture. If the horse was meant as a
companion for your child, let them contribute on the horse's expenditure and see how they will grow up to be responsible young adults. If you ask me, its a nice way to use their money instead of indulging in risky behavior like drug abuse!

3. Horses are good for a confidence boost.
When you have a horse that you love and they reciprocate right back, it sure is good for your self esteem. We don't need research to tell us the effects of being loved back and what better way to get unconditional love than from an animal that we nurture and take care of? They sure do appreciate and show us love by being obedient, playful and sincerely showing interest when they see their care giver or owner. Besides, bonding with a horse is not a hard task. As long as you focus on knowing your horse, you would discover that they can be quite gentle and friendly.

4. They are great listeners.
Ask anyone who has owned a horse. They do have a great listening ear! Perhaps they silently judge as you pour your heart out and talk about almost everything, but they do not vocalize it. Isn't this what we look for in a great companion, someone who can listen to our daily rants without complaining? So if you were looking for someone you can share your secrets with and they would never tell a soul, I would say a horse would be a very good candidate!

5. They teach us important life values.
With a horse as a companion and a friend, you will learn some values such as compassion, patience, humility, persistence and so many others. This is because for you to get your horse to actually learn from you, there are so many hurdles to cross. The best thing is that this unravelling journey can be a fun experience that teaches you so much along the way.

Horses are indeed great to have around for both our physical and mental health. A horse is also a great companion animal for another horse, whether it is an old or injured one that simply hangs around as a companion for your active horse, they sure will keep loneliness away and learn from each other. So if you have been debating the chances of getting a horse as a companion animal, we hope you can now see the bright side of things and make an informed choice!

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