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How to be a Trusted and Capable Horse Owner

How to be a Trusted and Capable Horse Owner Responsible Horsemanship Previous surveys on a cross-section of horse owners revealed that many of them lack the knowledge they need to take proper care of their horses. Beyond the joy of riding a nice horse, it is important for all equine handlers to demonstrate kindness and close attention to their horses' health and well-being. This article explores some crucial details on how to be a trusted and capable horse owner. Do Not Expose the Horse to Extreme Conditions The aspiration for mastery in horsemanship should not drive you to expose your favorite horse to extreme conditions. The fantasy of flying horses has often led some horse owners to subject their animals to impossible stunts that often lead to disastrous results. Remember that your horse is an animal that is also subject to fatigue like any other animal. Know the limits of your horse and do not exceed them. In her book, "Happy Horsemanship," distingui