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A Guide to Teaching your Horse Patience

A Guide to Teaching your Horse Patience It can be very challenging to teach an impatient horse. We all know an example: a fidgety mare who doesn't lead or tie nicely, or a stallion that's dug a hole by the hitching rail deep enough to plant carrots. This guide will show you how to teach a horse to stand quietly, get rid of the frustration, and learn to be patient. There are many reasons why a horse may appear to be impatient, with fear, confusion, and dominance being the main causes. The fearful horse: Many horses fear being tied, making them fidgety and anxious. Before assuming that your horse is being impatient, test for a pull-back response, typical of a fear of being tied, by seeing if your horse yields to a halter. Try backing your horse, then stopping, holding the lead rope still. Watch the horse's response when the halter starts to put pressure on his poll. If he does not halt, but starts pulling back faster, you know that fear of being unable to escape is wh