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9 Interesting Horse facts

9 Interesting Horse facts Most people have the general knowledge and view of horses as strong animals with great sprint. However, there existing facts about horses which are interesting and many people may not be aware of the unknown facts about the animal. 1. Horse laugh A horse may have been seen making an expression that is strange where it curls the upper lip and bares teeth into a grim that is wide. This makes the appearance of the animal to look like it is laughing. In the real sense, it is a special technique of nose-enhancing known as flehmen response. Horses pull the amusing face to direct scents which are floating in air towards special glands known as olfactory which are found in the far end of the nasal passage of the horse. This lip-curling as well as the slight tilting of its head helps the animal to be able to waft the smells towards the glands. Thus, the horse is not laughing, it is trying to determine whether and individual smells bad. 2. Horse