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The How and Why of Desensitizing your Horse

The How and Why of Desensitizing your Horse Most horse owners deal with their horse's fear of scary objects or situations by using the process of desensitization, but many do not really understand it. Whenever you interact with your horse, something new will likely be introduced. Horses who spook are simply just uneducated and are reacting determined by their natural nuggets of information to fear different objects, noises, aroma, or touch. Desensitizing is an instrument to educate your horse how to act within the human world to see your guidance while frightened. Desensitizing is not a step, instead, a part of all teaching. Horse trainers who discover it tough to handle horses will have to teach these four lessons to their horse. It does not truly matter if you're instructing a performance horse or a colt, because these lessons are important to the teaching system. Do not let your horse manage you; you have to act as the leader from the herd. Horse instruction is also abou

Minnesota Big Woods Frozen Fall

This State Park is only a few miles from where I live, so we go there quick often. Their are lot's of trails for hiking and exploring hidden in there. It is absolutely gorgeous in all seasons. Last week, took a hike to the falls. It was amazing. Tons of ice frozen over. I was in awwww land. I suppose now this week with all the warm weather. It will start to thaw. I wonder, never have paid attention to it, but how long into Spring it takes, before all the ice is gone. I love having this Minnesota State Park so close to us. Nothing more enjoyable then going out, sitting on a picnic table, with a bag of munchies, cooler full of "refreshments" and sit for hours, watching and listening. The Big Woods in Minnesota