Hackamore Horse Training: It’s Importance

Hackamore Horse Training: It’s Importance

In horse speak, the Hackamore is a simple looped bridle which applies controlled pressure on the horse’s nose. It is generally used in giving cues to the horse. It is mainly used in breaking colts.

Basically, we have two types of hackamores:

The Bosal A headstall having a thick noseband.
Hackamore horse training and it's importance

The Mechanical Hackamore: It is dependent on metal shanks and a strap which when pressured from the reins; it tightens around the nose and lower jaw.

Good use of a hackamore goes a long way in training a young horse into a bridle horse. It can also be used in rehabilitating an abused horse from poor bit usage.

Why the Hackamores?


Horse riders are aware that the mouths of young horses are very delicate and thus the horses do not take much glee in wearing bits. In trying to break or train them, the hackamore should work fine as it does not hurt their tender mouths. Older horses associate the bit with running at full speed and thus just the mere sight of a bit will gunner wild behavior. The hackamore is the cool and relaxed brother that will elicit more calmed behavior. The bit usually causes pain to horses which make them miss the most subtle cues of the rider.

Bits come in metallic form and can be biting cold whenever it is winter. In such cases, it is the rider to warm the bit for the horse. It is not so with the Hackamore. It does not freeze like the metallic bit.

Breeds Sensitive Riders

The hackamore has a unique feel on its own. It is important when Bridle training a horse: as it requires good horsemanship in using it successfully. During hackamore training, it is important that a lot of care be taken into consideration as the handling of the hackamore will determine the sensitivities of the horse in future. The hackamore is delicate, thus, erratic cues may numb the horse to respecting the rider and therefore may produce a wrongly taught horse. The hackamore is a good tool to break in a horse as it respects the horse’s sensibilities ensuring the horse learns comprehensively.

Good Horsemanship

Bridle training with the Hackamore breeds good riders. What good hands learn about the hackamore is that the horse has to be taught to do certain maneuvers. Many riders may not know this, but the hackamore exposes the not so good riders. In that, the rider has to set up his maneuvers perfectly and fully support the cues he gives to his horse. His weight distribution, posture, timing and sensitivity have to be correct so that the horse translates the cues seamlessly. The hackamore demands great horsemanship which translates to a more intelligent horse.

Good Decision Making and Level Headedness

The hackamore promotes good decision making and great temperament on the part of the rider. The buckaroo ends up respecting the horse. Decisions made by the rider will, in the end, make or break a newly introduced horse to the hackamore. Fast paced jobs may not be suitable for such a horse since the subtlety of the cues may be missed by the horse. Slower jobs may be appropriate as it can process the cues over time. As time goes by, the horse gains confidence.

As hackamore training intends to make a bridle horse, it also offers the bridle horseman with a checklist. A good head and right attitude will make good hackamore handling thus leading to a good bridle horse.

The hackamore is a comfortable bridle which affords the horse good judgment, temperament, and respect. For a buckaroo to make an excellent Bridle Horse, they need to have exquisite horse handling skills to get the best out of a horse in training.

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