Different Types of Saddles for Different Types of Riding

Different types of saddles for different types of riding

Horse riding is not only a breathtaking sport but an art as well. With every product becoming specialized, so has the saddle industry. The same way a bike rider needs a comfortable seat for his bike, so has the horse riders need great saddles to ensure a comfortable and smooth riding experience for both the rider and the horse. Currently, you can get a specific saddle for particular activities with a horse.

Usually, there are distinct breeds and sizes of horses, so each horse should have a different and comfortable saddle as well. Essentially, a great saddle will boost the performance and handling power of the rider. It will also tailor the horse to run efficiently and easily.

Different types of saddles and what type of riding best fit each

Racing saddles
Being a small and lightweight type, this saddle is built with flat cantle, flat seat, short and small saddle flap. It allows that rider to bend on top of the saddle thereby boosting the speed of the horse.
It is particularly used for riders who are jumping fences and galloping on thoroughbred horses.

Hunting saddle
Hunting saddles are tailored to push the jockey weight backward and feet forwards. When landing over fences, it helps the rider to maintain his/her body in a safe position while leaning backward. Made from durable leather, they possess a pommel and low cantle that makes jumps comfortable.
They are literary used by jockeys who normally go fox-hunting.

Jumping saddle
This type is designed to push the jockey a little bit forward. Its saddle flaps are somewhat bigger which offers more support to the legs. It has a padding feature at the flap to offer stability and protection of the lower leg when jumping.
It is usually used for hunt seat equitation, stadium jumping and foxhunting.

Western saddle
Arguably, this saddle is designed with rider’s and horse’s comfort in mind. It is made from brown leather which can beautifully be decorated giving it a western look. It has a large surface area to distribute the rider’s weight evenly. Interestingly, a horn is included at the front to boost the rider’s balance.
It is normally used for western pleasure, reining, cutting and penning.

Side saddle
These types are majorly designed to assist the rider to sit in one position with both legs on one side. They have two horns or pommels that support the rider’s legs in place. Normally, these horns or pommel help the women to gallop and jump fences.
It is majorly used by women for stadium/show jumping, jumping fences, or galloping.

Dressage saddle
These are designed with a comfortable positioned deep U-shaped and curved seat to serve the jockey a long and safe lower leg position. This feature allows the jockey to keep close contact with his/her horse, therefore, making it more comfortable. Additionally, it has uniquely stirrup bars positioned well to boost seating comfort. Besides, they are lightweight and have straight flaps.
They are basically used in flat-work competitions.

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