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Farming would be the most valued Profession

Farming would be the most valued Profession If the modern world collapses today, farming will be the most valued profession. The reason being is that the new society will not want smartphones, computers, or other technology; the only technology they will need will be how to grow food faster and in big quantities to feed the huge populations. The techniques we use today and the ones built from the past will be enough to sustain us, until we get back to that modern era we collapsed from. In the past, a task took the whole day or maybe two or three, now that one task can take maybe half a day, which gives the farmer more time to take care of other chores. Let's look at the comparison between technologies and techniques from the past and now.  The housing of animals was quite laborious not only for the farmers, but also for the poor animals. In the past, dairy cows were kept almost always outside, and some that were kept in barns, had nothing but bare earth to sleep on. Now, thro