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Steps In Lunging Your Horse

Steps In Lunging Your Horse Why lunge a horse?   It is a better option to lunge a horse as it is an exercise for them. It helps the horse to relax and release it’s extra energy and also enhance its movement in a circle and flexibility abilities. Lunging the horse has many benefits for you as well; you can clearly view their style and get to know their attitude.   Some tips to keep in mind before starting the exercise:   Always stay safe : A horse might get scared during this exercise. It’s better to take safety precautions in case this happens. Use a lunge line that is the size required for you, do not use extra long lines as they can cause a lot of trouble. Wear a riding helmet during this exercise as it can keep you safe in many situations. Don’t be rough: Remember, side reins should be kept loose. If too much force is being applied onto them, your horse won’t be able to move his neck freely and that can initiate anger and agitation--loss of focus. Don’t use any other