Bonding with your New Horse

Bonding with your new horse

Horses are fascinating animals and it is only natural for a person to want to bond with their new horse as soon as possible. However, it is not that simple a task. Horses are hard animals to mingle with and it is not that easy to communicate with them. You will have to be very careful in communicating with your horse or your relationship with them is going to start off on the wrong foot. The following are some tips that are going to help you in forming an instant bond with your new horse.

Spend Time with Your Horse

Spending time with your horse is of paramount importance if you want to develop a bond with your horse. However, the time you spend with your horse should not be restricted to riding them only. Take out some time for your horse just to be with them. Hang out with your horse as often as possible. Make it feel at home with you. Doing small things like scratching their belly and patting them gently is going to attune them to your touch and they will start to recognize you. The more time you spend with your horse, the easier it will be for you to form a bond with them.

Be Patient

Patience is very important when communicating with a new horse. It is going to take time for the horse to start recognizing your touch and voice. So, don’t expect them to start obeying your commands quickly. It is extremely important that you be patient with them when they do not do what you want from them. Do not lash out at them or the horse is going to get scared and they will become even harder for you to communicate with them.

Understand Its Body Language

Horses cannot talk so in order to communicate with them, you will have to learn to understand their body language. Try to see how horses greet and communicate with each other and replicate it. For instance, horses generally graze each other’s bellies for a little while when they meet after which they give each other space. You should do the same. Do not go on scratching the horse or touching its nose for long periods as it won’t like it. If you see the horse shying away from your touch, then it is a sign that it wants to be left alone for a while.

Talk Reassuringly

New horses generally need reassurance from their riders that they will not harm them. So, it is best that you talk with your new horse in reassuring tones. Be gentle with them and talk in a soothing and calming voice. Keep on telling them that you are not going to harm them and show that by not going near them until they invite you. The more relaxed the horse is in your presence, the easier it would be for you to communicate and form a bond with them.

Besides the above mentioned tips, it is also important to be consistent in your communications with the horse. Be firm and fair with them and show the horse that you are a leader. Follow these tips and you will have no difficulty in bonding with your new horse. They will become your best friend for life.

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