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The Best Help With Grief After Losing a Horse

 Losing a horse is one of the most difficult experiences an equestrian can face. For most of us , horses are not just animals, they’re loyal, intelligent partners who share an incredibly close bond with their owners. When that bond is suddenly broken by the death of a horse, the grief can be overwhelming. The death of a horse often triggers the same stages of grief that we experience when losing a human loved one. These stages range from denial, anger, bargaining, depression to acceptance. It's important to allow yourself to fully feel and work through each of these stages in a healthy way. Trying to suppress or ignore your grief will only prolong the healing process. So how can you best navigate horse loss grief? This article explores some of the most helpful strategies: Surround Yourself with Empathy and Support You can consider reaching out to your fellow horse-loving friends and family members. For instance, joining a local or online grief support group for horse owners will be