Our Horses Can Read Our Minds

Our Horses Can Read Our Minds

If you asked someone who has ever attended a horse bodywork seminar, then they will be having a lot to tell, especially when it comes to the issue of horses reading our minds.

Once you start thinking of something that you want your horse to do, this animal will start doing it even long before you direct it to do it. You see, horses know what we are thinking, and they also know what we know. Take for instance, the case of smart horses that will always come to you from the pasture. These same animals will most likely kick up their heels and run away from you when they see you coming without the plans of feeding them that day.

Again, try to mistreat your horse, or instead, make him unhappy. It's high time that you come to realize that horses are incredible and dubious, and how such a horse will embarrass you during the next horse show is beyond description, especially if you attended an animal communication workshop but still refused to heed to his pleas regarding a new career.

It’s quite unfortunate that most of us are yet to discover that horses are telepathic. They think exactly as we do, and they also know what we know. If they could talk, they could say that they are always willing to forgive us due to our ignorance and cruelty. They know what we learn when we attend those horse workshops. They know that after we get out of there, we are equipped with skills that can make their lives better, and that’s what they want us to apply. But they get embarrassed when this isn’t done.

When it comes to training and riding the horses, the trainer realizes that these amazing animals join the dogs in reading human emotions. During a recent study, horses were tested using photographs as stimuli. When the horse was shown a photograph containing an angry face, he redirected his eyes to the left, a clear indicator that he interpreted it as negative stimuli. Besides, when the trainer or the rider gets angry, the horses experience an increased heartbeat.

In his book titled "The Nature of Horses," Stephen Budiansky explains how horses can read our minds. In the book, the author points out to the horses' bluffing ability, where they relate signals to meaning. He says that when training or riding our horses, they can get signals from our minds and body languages and interpret them. Though we are the ones giving these signals, we aren’t even aware of them, but the horse will easily pick up on them.

When a researcher conducted a study at the University of Sussex, she realized that horses not only read our thoughts, but they also know how we feel and where we want to go without being cued. That explains why maybe a rider wants the horse to stop and he stops even before giving orders. This is just the same case with humans who appear to have that unique ability of mind-reading. There also exists a telepathic connection between the horse and the trainer that develops when the two work together in harmony and with a common mind and purpose.

Rider’s intentions and muscle movements

Your intentions as a rider or a trainer are telegraphed from your mind to the muscle, but you aren't conscious about it. When you are riding towards a direction and then think of changing the direction or speed, the message is automatically telegraphed through the nervous system to the muscles in preparation for action. The horse can detect the slightest change in tension of your muscle anywhere in the body, may it be the arms, hands, legs or even change in position, for example, seat, breathing, and rhythm. When the horse detects these changes, he predicts a specific action.

Horses can also anticipate obvious routines and familiar routes

Just like humans, horses have the capacity to learn, recall and solve problems. If you present a horse with a limited selection of choices, he will most likely anticipate the right course of action. It may appear like mind-reading, but it simply reflects him following the most obvious routine before the rider directs him to do so especially if the path followed by the horse is familiar and predictable.

In summary, it’s clear that horses are incredible and if you aren’t careful, they will obtain signals that will reflect negative stimuli from your mind. When training or just enjoying your ride, be careful on how you relate with your horse, as it may leave you embarrassed. However, if you relate well with him, he will detect positive stimuli from your mind, and he will do whatever you want even long before you direct him to do so.

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