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Things To Know When Ready To Buy Your First Horse

Things To Know When Ready To Buy Your First Horse Nothing can be as exciting as the purchase of a horse lover’s first horse. Unfortunately, lack of knowledge when making the purchase can turn this exciting venture into a traumatic experience within a short time. Potential horse owners can, however, avoid this by taking a few steps. Buying a horse entails lots of research, experience, and some smart buying strategies Here’s all you need to know before getting your first horse. Horse care Horses require regular farrier care, at least once every eight weeks. The costs will be determined by your local market and the type of horseshoe and trimming needed. Moreover, corrective or special shoeing might be necessary to for some horses, the costs of which could be significantly higher than regular shoeing. Most horses need deworming treatments one to two times every year and shots twice a year. But you can always ask a horse vet to recommend the most suitable deworming and vaccination