The Best Grass For Horses

Best grass for horses

Feeding your horse hay is the standard feed for horses today. You will need pretty much grass and hay all year round, particularly in the winter months, unless you use pellet feed in complete. If you want to feed forage in the winter season, then it’s good to ensure you have enough on store determined by the number of horses. Giving your horse hay conserves the limited grass supply in the summer season. Depending on where you live, hay can cost less than feeding pellets. And if you can’t find good grass, then you might want to consider a complete pellet feed.

Good grass hay or pasture is all you need to keep your horse or horses in proper nutrition, healthy and in shape. There might be no number one grass for a horse, but it’s good to let your horse graze on different types of grasses as shown below;

Here are several types of grass that you can put into considerations;

Crested dogs tail

A typical grass for horse health mostly found in dry areas that make an excellent pasture for horses. It’s desirable and palatable and does well in soils with reduced fertility.

Rhodes grass

It's a very exotic grass for horses grows well in Australian conditions.


It makes incredible grass for ponies and colt. This grass endures in the low-fertility soil, below 10% NSC.


Sometimes also known as Orchard Grasses. Drought-tolerant and a hardy, grass most with deep tap roots.

Yorkshire Fog

Well, this is a funny grass that doesn’t care about wet conditions and does pretty on acidic and infertile soils. Good well planted as a mix. It can dominate other grass species unless grazed closely.

Finding good grass hay is not always easy. When buying good feed, you need to be able to identify it. Good quality horse hay should be leafy; fine stemmed and not overly dry, most of the nutrients are in the leaves. The grass on the inside of the bale should be bright green, the greener the better. Green hay is high in protein & vitamins. Be careful with feeding hays such as alfalfa and clover, they are very high in protein, and too much may affect the nutritional status of the horse. It is best to purchase an alfalfa grass mix. Good hay should be free of dust mold and weeds. It should not contain any odor or molds either.

You can buy hay by the bunch at the local feeds store or the hay grower. Buying hay from the local feed store can be a bit expensive depending on how many horses you have, and the quality may not be as good. You can also purchase your hay every six months or for the year. It is best to feed the current years hay than last year’s grass.

Lastly, ensure your hay storage is in cool and dry place to prevent spoilage. If you give your stallion feeds with molds, it can make your horse suffer from colic or other sicknesses. Get a healthier horse by feeding them with the best feeds.


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