9 Interesting Horse facts

9 Interesting Horse facts

Most people have the general knowledge and view of horses as strong animals with great sprint. However, there existing facts about horses which are interesting and many people may not be aware of the unknown facts about the animal.

1. Horse laugh
A horse may have been seen making an expression that is strange where it curls the upper lip and bares teeth into a grim that is wide. This makes the appearance of the animal to look like it is laughing. In the real sense, it is a special technique of nose-enhancing known as flehmen response.
Horses pull the amusing face to direct scents which are floating in air towards special glands known as olfactory which are found in the far end of the nasal passage of the horse. This lip-curling as well as the slight tilting of its head helps the animal to be able to waft the smells towards the glands. Thus, the horse is not laughing, it is trying to determine whether and individual smells bad.

2. Horse industry
For those people who certainly have never involved themselves with horses, it is indeed easy for one to assume that all they require is hay each day, water and a field for running around on, as well as a young girl or two, in order for them to swoon over the girls. This is not far from the real truth.
Horses are certainly used for very many sports and competitions, recreation, breeding and also plain old work. Indeed, horses can be termed as a massive business.

3. Police horses 
It should be known that police horses are much more than just a mere way or method of transportation. A horseback cop’s benefits are common—moreover, a police officer who is riding the huge animal commands very different type of respect. This is why the selected horses for the latter job tend to be castrated horses; this makes them imposing and also level-headed adequately for this stressful job.

4. Eyes
Horses’ eyes have 3 eyelids. Two of them are ordinary and the third one known as the nictitating membrane that is found in the eye’s inner corner. It at times sweeps the eye, lubricates it and also cleans it if need be. Horses cannot focus their eyes properly like humans. Instead, their retina’s lower parts are able to see objects that are at a distance. The upper ones help in viewing objects that are closer.

5. Equid hybrids
These are hybrid animals which are bred from three species that are equid. Those are horses, zebras, and donkeys.

 6. Horse shoes
It is common that most horses are indeed fitted with the horseshoes, but most of the people are not aware that the curved metal pieces have other functions apart protecting the hoof. Hard parts of the horse hooves contain keratin—the same strong protein which comprises horns, hair and nails. Therefore it leaves much to be desired in terms of traction. One can imagine running round a paved street that is wet, wearing the horns as your shoes.

7. Horse names
If one has ever been to a horse race, probably he/she knows about the ridiculous horse names. Normally pets like Cats and dogs are given cute names that are powerful and human-like. Horses however tend to have names such as “Seabiscuit”. The naming may seem pretty random. But, there actually are many traditions, customs and also superstitions which are indeed associated with the naming of horses.

8. Arabian horses
Most of the horses are quite creatures that are beautiful. It is factual that the Arabian horse is the most majestic horse of all. It is known that there first appearance was about 4,500 years ago; this also makes the Arabian horses among the oldest breeds of horse breeds. Generally it is assumed that the Bedouin are indeed behind the Arabian Breed creation.

9. Memory
A study was able to reveal very astonishing results about the horse intelligence, more especially its memory. Its memory is good as the one of an elephant. If one treats a horse kindly, it remembers the person as its friend in its entire life.


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