What To Do With A Pushy Horse

What to do with a pushy horse

Is your horse pushy? Do you know why? Well, let me tell you what traits your horse may express to be pushy. Pushiness can start from continually hunting down treats in your pockets to gnawing you or apparently strolling over you like you are a small object.

Okay, before we figure out the steps you can take to educate a pushy horse, that thinks they are the boss, but you are the boss to lead them we should first know the three reasons why your horse may have a pushy behavior.

Lacking Courage:

Dominance Play:

You Developed the Pushy character:
Having an insight of what can cause a pushy horse, let's go back to the steps you can take to educate a pushy horse, that thinks they are the boss, but they are not the boss, you are the boss.

Here's What to do with a Pushy Horse

1. Be confident in yourself and make sure that you protect yourself.
Your pushy horse will not let you lead him if you are unable to protect yourself. You should have clear limits with your space; begin with a safe distance. Try not to give the horse access to your boundary– if he tries to come near you, wiggle the rope and have him back. You can also use an extension stick if that doesn’t work.

2. What should you do if you want him near to you?

It's simple, just rub him and let your stick down, try to relax your posture and call him towards you. The body language speaks a lot, and you will know when to let him near you and when you should not. On the other hand, you can also approach him first. Note that if your horse comes close to you and starts rubbing you, it implies that you are weak and you aren’t his leader.

3. Keep your focus.

If the horse approaches you while working or talking to somebody in the range, you need not stop. If you make a move, you make a game. Instead, keep focused on your talk and swing your rope stick sideways or wave your arms to keep the space uncomfortable. If he comes closer and closer, he will get knocked right? The thing is, if you continue waving the arms and swinging the rope, he will understand that by trying to disrespect your boundaries are not comfortable due to the swinging rope or the waving rods which can knock him.

4. To help build up leadership skills, move him around.
Help your horse to move in reverse, forward, or sideways and also practice some crazy movements with your horse. Having the capacity to lead your horse's feet will have your horse connected. Also, the horse will take you as his leader.
5. Stop feeding horse by hands!

Instead, encourage you're horse to feed from the ground or out of a bucket. You can also complete forager hunt with him in the bush: Place feeds around the garden or enclosure and afterward get your horse hunting down the treats.

Applying these horse coaching tips, you can begin to develop a firm grounds for your horse, that thinks they are the boss. A horse that regards you and considers you to be his leader is hard to develop bad characters.

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