15 True Uncommon Facts About horses

15 True Uncommon Facts About horses

Do you consider a horse as a pet at your home? If yes, to what extent do you know this animal? Horses are among the most valued animals in the world. You measure the value of a horse for the purpose they serve you at home. Some people use horses as pets, for transportation, for sporting activities and it has been known to be the mode of transport for the most royal families. They are not only beautiful and bright but also very special. Here are some of the uncommon horse facts that you probably didn’t know about:

1. The horse can raise and lower its hair at different levels to keep them warm during the winter.

2. The horses' hooves have particular proteins that protect them from having frostbites in cold places. That enables them to survive in such an environment.

3. The horses are herbivorous animals, but the surprising fact is that they almost compare to humans due to their habit of being attracted to sweet tasting things and foods.

4. It takes the horse about 11 months to bring a newborn to the world. It's a relatively long gestation period.

5. The other most unexpected and special thing about the horse is the "hypsodont" teeth that constantly grow all their lifetime. These teeth can grow ⅛ inches per year.

6. While thinking that horses and humans are so different, the fact that horses are color conscious makes us pretty similar. The horse can see and differentiate between different colors.

7. There are certain breeds of horses whose skin is usually sensitive to the hot sun. When exposed to the hot sun, this pink horse gets sunburns.

8. Horses can express their emotions, and that is why they are very compatible with humans for friendship. You can learn a horse’s emotions and feelings by observing their ears and nose; this is how they express their feelings and moods.

9. As much as there are different breeds of horses that look different, these differences run deeper than the appearance. Horses have seven different blood types.

10. Horses have very special hooves made from active proteins. They need extra protection because, if it gets hurt on the hoof, it may take the horse ten months to over a year to grow back to normal.

11. A new-born horse is able to run around and walk right from the moment it’s born.

12. A horses temperature can be determined just by simply touching its ears. The temperature of the horse’s ears is the same for the whole body.

13. The horse can enjoy music. It has a preference of music; the classics are the favorite tunes for any horse out there.

 14. The heart of a horse alone weighs over 10 pounds.

15. Horses are brilliant and emotional. When one of their own succumbs to demise, they notice and feel the loss, and they even mourn the loss.

In conclusion, when you understand these true uncommon facts about horses, you will be able to predict their behavior better. Now you better understand your horse and develop to them a real compassion as your friend and companion.

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