How to Lead a Frisky Horse

How to Lead a Frisky Horse

Horse riding is a passion for some people. But you will need some unique techniques in order to calm down your energetic horse. Horses are feeling full by getting too much barn time, proper environment and little exercise. At that time, it will be very difficult to get control over them. You should know the proper technique to lead your frisky horse. A bad ride can be dangerous and life-threatening. The cold breeze is enough to energize your horse. You will have to follow some tips in order to be an expert in this.

  1. Assembling all your gear:
It is very important to assemble all your necessary gear before getting on your horse. You will have to prepare and get yourself ready by wearing gloves, helmet. You should wear boots on your horse also. You should be well prepared before going on an adventurous ride.

     2. Ride where you can:
You should know your limitations. You should not go to that place where you cannot ride. Your safety is far more important than anything. You should be realistic enough. Realism brings safety for you. You can cool down the frisky horse by your realistic power. You can take chances where you have great control. If your horse is feeling frisky, then you should avoid the challenging areas.

  1. Work from the ground:
You will have to practice on the ground before you are feeling confident enough to go on a  ride yourself. You should be specific about what you want your horses to do. Ground work can easily calm down your energetic horse. You can give him specific requests in order to put him under pressure. After that point of time, you can release the pressure. Then he can do whatever you want him to do. The proper horse training will help you to ride well.

  1. Use a bridle:
Even on the ground work, you can use a bridle rather than a halter.(I prefer a halter only) With a bridle, your horse will respond quickly. 

  1. Slow down:
You will have to slow down the process and control yourself at first. You will have to be focused and be positive in your way of riding. You will have to be clear enough about what you want your horse to do. It is very important. Your hands move slower when your horses move faster. With your definite action, he will respond accordingly.

  1. Be proactive:
You should be proactive, not reactive. You should not scold him for being energetic. You should keep him busy all the time.

  1. Using accurate words:
You should talk stern and use accurate words for dealing with him. In this way, you will find yourself dealing better with him.

Warm up yourself and your horse before going for a ride. You should pick one exercise and repeat it until your horse will do it in a better way. You will definitely enjoy your rides and overall training sessions. By following these tips, you can easily calm down your frisky horses.

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