How To Measure A Horse In Hands

How To Measure A Horse In Hands

Ever wanted to know how big your horse is, but you didn’t know how to get started? Well, there exists a measurement called "hands" that is used to measure heights. The fundamental method of describing the height of horses is by use of hands, of which each hand exhibits 10cm (4-inches). Standard measuring tape or horse measuring tape/stick are primarily used to measure the horse’s height, and then the measurements are converted into hands. It is undoubtedly easier than you thought to know your horse height with super-fast measurements from the hoof to his withers. This can be important, especially when determining the right horse size for you to ride. So let’s have a look at how you measure a horse in hands.

1. Ensure your horse is in the right position

So how do you ensure that he is in the right position? Well, there are some aspects to consider:

- Assemble the measuring tools prior to positioning your horse.
Basically, you can use a measuring tape or stick to measure your horse. There are certain sticks for that task that measures in units called Hands. Standard measuring tapes can also be used. Nevertheless, the easiest way to get measurements is by using a horse measuring stick. It is accurate and can be found in many farm supplies, tack shops, and many online retailers. If you use standard tape to measure the horse height, you should convert the results into hands. This is a unit commonly used in the USA, England, and Canada.

- Ensure your horse is standing on a firm and level ground
Ensure that everything is balanced. All the hooves should be equally on the same level. The body should as well be balanced. If the hooves are not placed squarely, be sure to move them until they are.

2. Use a measuring tape or stick

There is a precise procedure for doing this:

- Start measuring the front hooves

Be on either side of your horse. The end of the measuring stick or tape is placed on the ground at the bottom of the hoof. If you want to use the tape, you need to have someone to help you hold it while you check at the top.

- Ensure the measuring tool is straight to the withers

The withers is based at the upper end, i.e., between the back and the neck. Essentially, the highest point of the horse is actually its head. However, we cannot measure this point because the horse frequently moves it up and down.

- Use a measuring stick

The measuring stick is another accurate way to determine the accurate size of your horse. Many sticks include an attachment that sticks out and levels with the withers. Measuring sticks can be alarming in cases he is not used to sticks. Ensure that everything is done slowly to make him feel comfortable.

3. Calculate the results

There are some steps used to calculate the results:

- Record the measurements - Measure and record accurately.
- Convert them in inches, then into hands – Basically, one hand equates to 4-inches.

- Convert centimeter into hands – The easiest way is to convert centimeters into hands. Simply, multiply your centimeters by 0.39.
- Use specific decimals when writing portions of the hand.
- Use the measurements to find out if the horse is the right size for you.

That’s how easy it is to measure a horse in Hand.


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