Saturday, September 2, 2017

Senior Horse Health Care Guide

He has stood by you through thick and thin, he has been the one you cried with and the one you won your first blue ribbon on. Now, he still hangs out in your pasture but his friends are a little younger than him and they get most of the attention. You still love him and you plan on keeping him until the end, but what special needs does this aging equine need?

Senior horse is typically one that is twenty years old or older. They often begin needing specialized care around this part of their life, because things simply begin to wear out. Just like humans, things start to not work as well as they once did. Their eyes, teeth, joints, liver, gut and kidneys all begin to lose their functionality. These are the areas of the older horse that you must begin to pay more attention to....

Monday, May 15, 2017

Steps To Properly Take Care Of A Horse Affected By hoof abscess

Steps To Properly Take Care Of A Horse Affected By hoof abscess.
Taking care of our horses may not always be an easy task. Apart from ensuring that their having proper nutrition and are living in a conducive environment, there is also the issue of infections that we may need to battle out sometimes. Hoof abscess is one of them. Before we delve into treatment options for hoof abscess, let’s start by understanding what it is.

What is hoof abscess?

They are bubbles of pus that form under the skin, quite similar to the whiteheads that are common to humans. The best way to deal with hoof abscess would pretty much follow in the footsteps of how we deal with these whiteheads, simply pop, drain them and allow the place to heal.

What causes abscess?

When the hoof has a weak point, its very easy for bacteria to find their way into the skin, causing an

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Curious little deer eating corn

Here is my sister and her little buddy almost eating corn out of her bucket, so close!!! This little one is getting braver. I think it's going to happen soon! So cute and curious they are.